Do You Love This Planet-Want to live lighter and live a life you love-

Living A Blissful Eco Life is…

Loving our planet and taking better care of her.

It is having a light footprint on our Earth every day.

It is about appreciating, respecting and enjoying this amazing planet. 

It is about living a life that you Love.

It is about making choices today that benefit tomorrow.

It is about leaving a positive legacy for the next generation.


Heart-shape for the nature.

If being in nature lights you up
and you are constantly in awe of the beauty on this planet… Then read on.

Choosing a Blissful Eco Life means embracing this planet and making choices that are good for you, your health, your finances and the future.

By making an empowered choice to care more about the planet you are moving away from Fear, Guilt and Hopelessness about the state of the environment and the planet.

When your grand children look back they will thank you for being someone that made smarter choices, that acted instead of ignored and that cared and considered their future instead of short term gain.

I believe we can all be living healthier, more natural lives that are better for the planet.

I believe eco-living can be an easy part of your life that makes you feel great!

Do you want to go through your day knowing that you are making better choices for the planet?

Does eco-living feel hard to fit it into your life?

Do you even know where to start?

Do you try to live more eco-friendly and then fall back into old habits?

eco living

Every time the environment comes on the news it creates a sense of Doom and Gloom. The massive problems facing our planet can leave you feeling scared, and worried about the future and helpless about what you can actually do.

This e-course isn’t about the problem.

It’s about solutions, hope, and what you and I can be doing to make a difference and tread lighter on the planet today.

bliss guide

A Blissful Eco Life is about positive action and taking steps in the right direction every day.

This 6 week e-course is like a friend taking your hand and showing you the way on your eco-living journey.

Each step is clear and straightforward, it  will give you inspiration and practical actions to take.

  •  Get clarity and know that you are making the best choices for the planet,

  •  Feel connected being part of a community of people taking positive actions,

  •  Create a healthier home and life by living more naturally.

  •  Save money while you live an Eco Life.

  •  This course will help you feel positive and proud about your day-to-day  choices

A Blissful Eco Life is about doing all of this without giving up what you love in your life.

What I love

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Who Am I…

ciricle jvjMy name is Jamie Van Jones and eco-living is my passion. I have lived, breathed and worked in it for the past decade. I have a degree in Sustainable Development and I have put what I have learnt into practice in my day to day life.  I have  researched, tested and trialed many ways to live lighter and live an amazing life. Now I am at a point where I live an Eco-Life and it’s blissful and full of ease each day.
The journey I am on is to live lighter on the planet. It is not a journey that has a final destination. There is always more to do and more to learn.  I take it step by step and take actions that become a way of life. To get Free Tips, inspiration and recipes all to do with Eco-living head to:

A Bit from Me on Eco-Living

what you get
6 weekly modules that help you implement eco-living into your day-to-day life with ease.
Each weekly module includes a video that you watch (or an audio recording and written transcript –depending on what you want). A workbook to guide you deeper into that week’s module, and action sheets for ways to bring it into your life straight away.
You get to choose what fits in your life. Each week there are multiple options for actions you can take and  positive steps that you can choose from. So if you have a busy week, you can choose an easier action to take and come back to something more when you have the time.
The best part about this course is that it puts practical and needed resources at your fingertips in an easy to access way.  No more wasting time searching for solutions or wondering if you’re doing the right thing, by signing up you’ll have them… AND

YOU get Lifetime access to the course content after the 6 weeks is up!

In addition you get to be a part of an inspiring group of like-minded people in a private Facebook group. It will be a group you can share insights with, wins, struggles, solutions,  and lots of ideas on how to make this life a blissful eco one!

A Blissful Eco-Life Week by Week: 

smlmod 1

Get Inspired:  In this module you tap into your  ‘why’ for the planet. Whether you love this planet for it’s natural beauty, or want to perserve it for your children and the next generation, it is important to connect with what inspires you about this planet.  When we tap into our  ‘Why’ and re-invigorate our inspiration, taking care of the planet flows with much more ease.

Module 2Change our thinking: Eco-Living  is easier if we change the way we think about it. We cover the essential mindsets that are needed to make eco-living easier. We also cover all of the  barriers that make it hard to live an eco-friendly life and find solutions to them.


Module 3Eco-Wellness: In this module we focus on our health and natural living. We have to be well, if we expect to do more to take care of the planet. From detoxing our beauty and body products, to nutritious sustainable eating, it is all about being good for you and good for the planet.


Module 4Around the Home: Our home is our sanctuary and it also where we spend the most time. We need a natural, healthy home that reduces how much energy, water and waste we consume to live lighter. We look at how to make our homes healthier and more eco-efficient one step at a time.


Module 5Just Outside: From just on our door step to the choices we make when we are out on the go, and in the workplace. There are many ways to bring eco-living into our lives on the go and we cover  how you can bring positiv, earth friendly habits into your daily life.


Module 6

The Bigger Picture: How do we move from just thinking about what we can do locally to the bigger picture of global issues? There are many empowering steps we can take, and this module guides you through how to take one more step and stand up for our planet.

In this e-course you also get unique interviews with these Eco-warriors!

Lisa Coulter – David Suzuki’s Queen of Green 

Lindsay Coulter is the Queen of Green with the David Suzuki Foundation. She has a great eco-living Blog and will be sharing some of the ways she stays inspired to keep living an eco-life.


costa  abc gardening

Costa  Georgidis  – ABC Gardening and Costa’s World

Costa is a TV presenter and all around sustainable living activist, he is sure to bring fun and inspiration to this eco-living journey! Costa will share his tips for turning a brown thumb into a green one!


bea-johnson-3Bea Johnson – Zero Waste Home

Bea is an Author and Eco- inspiration at Zero Waste Home. She lives with her family of 4 in LA and they produce zero waste. She will share with us some steps we can take to start on the zero waste path.

shona1Shona Anne Hunter –  The Hidden Pantry

Mother, Sustainable Organic caterer, Fair Trade Activist… all around Earth lover. Shona will be giving us tips on how we can bring eco-habits into the kitchen and other great inspirations.


Claire Vanderplank – The Slow Project

Claire is the founder and Director of The Slow Project. She is going to be talking to us about how important slowing down is and some practical ways for us to start to embrace Slow.



Jaime Yallup Farrant – It’s Up to Us!

Jaime is an amazing Crowd Funded Climate Campaigner. Jamie came from a social justice background and moved to climate activism because she understands that we all need a healthy planet to live on. She will be giving us insights into how we can take empowered action on Climate Change!


Jenita Enevoldsen – State Director,  The Wilderness Society WA

Jenita is passionate about our environment and how we can protect it. She will give us insights on how we as individuals can do more to stand up for bigger issues, like protecting wilderness!

Laura Trotta 13 head crop

Laura Trotta – Director at Sustainababy

Laura is an environmental engineer,  mum , founder of online eco-parenting resource Sustainababy and creator of the Home Detox Boot Camp. She loves all things chemistry and will give us some insights on how to start a home detox.

emily elhers1Emily Ehlers – Holistic Life Coach

Emily is a Wellness Coach and Passionate lover of the Planet. She is going to be sharing tips on how we can take care of ourselves so we can better take care of the planet.

A taste of what it's all about
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ciricle jvj1st to Sign up – A 1 hour eco consult with Jamie Van Jones. Use the consult learn lots of ways to make easy eco changes specific to your life. (Value $250)



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Need to Know More?


What is A Blissful Eco Life?

A 6 week e-course that send you weekly modules to help you live a lighter, healthier and more natural life.

Each week brings you a module video, workbook, action sheets and optional resources. Each week there is also a great guest interview with an inspiring Eco leader.

When Does it Start?

Round 1 of the course has started to find out when the next round opens for registration go here.

How much Is it?

The course is $149 full price.

For a limited time until December 17th there is an early bird deal of $97.

How do I sign up?

Go here
to sign up for the program and pay online

Can I buy the course for someone else as a gift?

Yes, you can. When you are about to pay you can leave a note with your order. Put Gift Certificate and the Name and email of the person the course is for. You will receive a thank you email that you can forward to the gift recipient. I will contact them to register for the course.

What happens after I pay and enroll?

After you pay you will be sent a Thank you email. with a sign up bonus and detailed information about the course date. If you do not get this email please contact me :

When do registrations close?

Registrations are now closed.

What happens after 6 weeks?

You get Lifetime access.

You will still be able to access the content for this program after the 6 weeks. This means you can always go back and review the information at anytime and continue your eco-living journey.

Terms and Conditions

For all terms and conditions, including a refund policy –
please go here

What if I have other questions?

Please email with any questions you may have.

what ppl are saying

“Jamie is phenomenal. She inspires me to act, to make more conscious choices in my everyday life to reduce my impact on this earth and it’s people. Her message is so important and I can’t wait to learn more with her as my guide.” – Renee Gardiner

“Jamie lives and breathes living a simple life. She inspires me through sharing her tips and tricks in engaging and meaningful ways…that make living an eco life feel possible for anyone and everyone.” – Katie Stubley

“You do such an amazing job bringing awareness to so many people out there about how we can reduce our “footprint” on this amazing planet! You make me work harder towards a cleaner way to be and more aware of things I can implement. Thanks for sharing, I think you\’re freakin awesome!” – Moni, Mandala Soul Designs

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